Revolutionizing your eDiscovery Workflow

Unique in the industry, X1 Insight & Collection upends the traditional collection process by analyzing ESI on a custodian’s assigned computer on a moment’s notice, prior to collection, enabling true early case assessment (ECA) and focusing collections as precisely as desired.

For the first time ever, legal and IT teams can now instantly assess data and actually test search terms, across targeted custodians, including desktops, laptops, file servers, cloud repositories, and other enterprise data sources, all prior to collection.

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Watch this brief video to see how X1 Insight & Collection takes the guess work out of the eDiscovery collection process.

X1 Insight & Collection’s exceptional architecture, which leverages X1’s patented, award-winning search technology, makes this unique approach to eDiscovery collections possible. Specifically, the index is located at the end-node, is distributed across the enterprise, and can be searched from a central location. Preservations can now be more targeted, substantially reducing volumes of data collected for review because indexing, searching and identification takes place at the end-node, where harder to access unstructured data often resides.

Now eDiscovery jobs are no longer halted simply because a custodian machine’s goes offline or changes networks. The resiliency of the architecture allows searching, identification and preservations to automatically resume.

Instant Keyword Testing

Only with X1’s patented technology can legal teams and eDiscovery examiners execute keywords on ESI in place and receive statistics for potential responsiveness in a nearly instantaneous, iterative process, all before collection.

Currently, legal and technical teams are faced with the time-consuming challenge of collecting sample data sets in order to test potential key terms, review statistics and iterate through improving those terms. Many times, these seemingly simple tasks take days or weeks to complete, are constrained to only a small number of actual custodians, and involve numerous individuals.

Only by using X1 Insight & Collection can an eDiscovery practitioner iteratively test keywords across targeted custodians within minutes, without ever collecting ESI, and know which custodians have what and how much data responsive to each key term.

keyword stats

Over or under-collection is no longer an issue for legal teams because now they can iteratively assess and identify good and bad terms, reduce false positives, and increase quality of key terms. The results are returned in minutes, eliminating the uncertainty of sampling and drastically reducing time and resources up front.

Although other products may instantly search the metadata of files, X1 Insight & Collection, gives examiners instant insight into their data by searching the content of files, emails and attachments in addition to the metadata.

Search within Email Containers on End-Nodes

X1 Insight & Collection is the only eDiscovery solution that eliminates the need to transfer entire email containers such as PSTs by allowing the identification and preservation of individual messages in place on a custodian’s computer.

Currently, legal teams are forced to collect the entire PST email container back to a central location for processing, identification and preservation of potentially responsive email messages. This traditional approach involves the transferring and processing of large files, which could involve multiple resources and take hours, days, or sometimes weeks, before even beginning to identify individually responsive email messages.

With X1 Insight & Collection the search, identification and preservation of individual email messages happens immediately and directly on the end-user’s machine, without the laborious or time-consuming transfer of the entire PST email container.

This new approach upends the traditional model. Legal teams now save significant amounts of time and resources by benefiting from X1’s unique architecture, leveraging X1’s patented search technology, now only individual email messages are being preserved directly from the custodian’s machine.

Key Benefits

Minimize Collection Sizes

Avoid over-collection by knowing data volumes and keyword statistics prior to initiating preservations without performing collection on any information upfront

An Integrated Data Governance Solution

Empower data governance teams to respond to eDiscovery collections, data audit and compliance initiatives, from a single platform

Blazingly Fast Search Technology

Benefit from X1’s patented search technology to centrally search distributed end-points in minutes, with precision and accuracy

Dramatically Improved Collection Methods

Reduce collection volumes by preserving only the responsive items directly from the end-node and address the issues of modern employees consistently going on and offline

Global Enterprise Scalability

Centrally search enterprise data, whether on-premise or in the cloud, from desktops, laptops, or other network sources

Early Insight into Data

Gain instant visibility into data residing directly on end-users’ computers, early in the process

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Customers Love X1

“The ability to instantaneously search for keywords across the enterprise for a small or large group of custodians is in its own right a killer application. This particular feature gives you instantaneous answers to one of the key questions folks have been wrestling with for quite some time.”
Erik Laykin
Managing Director,
Duff and Phelps

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