Videos & Webinars

X1 Search 8 Introductory Video (4 min)
Take a tour of the latest version of X1's award winning desktop search and productivity application. Stop searching, and start finding.
Search that Works

Enterprise Search that Actually Works (60 min)

Join us for a webinar to see how to deploy enterprise search solutions in ways that make both end-users and IT departments happy.
Refine Columns

Master your Searches Using X1's Refine Columns (9 min)

Vault past the popular concept of a single search bar and get faster results by using X1's refine columns. Evolve your searches by applying multiple criteria and drilling down to your desired result faster.
Search SharePoint Data

Search SharePoint Data (4 min)

Maximize your SharePoint experience with X1 Search. Watch this video to see the significant advantages of X1’s best-in-market SharePoint search over native SharePoint search for SharePoint 2013, 2010, and 2007, along with SharePoint online.
Citrix Ready Webinar

Citrix Ready Webinar: Double Down On VDI By Providing Excellent End-User Search (45 min)

With X1 Search Virtual Edition™, it is possible to provide an excellent end-user search experience while deploying VDI in a way that conserves virtual computing resources. It creates a win-win solution because both IT and end-users are happy. As a result, VDI deployments gain traction and breadth.
Searching Outlook Email

Searching Outlook Email (2 min)

Watch this video to learn how to sift through tens of thousands of emails with just a few keystrokes.
Best Box Search Available with X1 Search

Best Box Search Available with X1 Search (4 min)

Box has transformed the way we collaborate and share information. As we store more and more information in our Box account, we need an easy and robust way to search that information. X1 Search offers a single-pane-glass for searching e-mails, files, attachments and Box.
Share Your X1 Saved Searches

Share Your X1 Saved Searches (3 min)

Our new ‘saved search’ and ‘saved search sharing’ functionality allows for collaboration and knowledge sharing across your team. X1’s ‘fast-as-you-type- search’ gets a lot of “wows”, but saving searches saves time by avoiding clicks and keystrokes. Watch this brief tips and tricks video to see how.
Introducing X1 Search Mobile to Your Enterprise

Introducing X1 Search Mobile to Your Enterprise (29 min)

In today’s “always on” environment, X1 Search Mobile allows users to quickly and effortlessly find and take action on the information they are looking for regardless of where it is and when they might be looking for it.