Videos & Webinars

X1 Social Discovery™
Intro Video (3 min)

X1 Social Discovery is the leading investigative solution for social media evidence and web collection. Watch this brief video to learn more about this powerful tool and to see the product in action.

Don’t Get Left Behind: Social Media Discovery for Legal Practitioners (60 min)

Hear from our esteemed panel of experts on the importance of social media discovery and a legal practitioner’s guide to handling this rapidly increasing mass of critical data in their investigations.

A Practical Approach to Social Media Discovery (60 min)

With a higher bar set for defensible collection in social media by the courts, it is time for a more practical approach to social discovery. Join legal and forensic experts, Craig Ball and Patrick Burke as they examine these best practices.

Social Media Investigations
for Law Enforcement (30 min)

Join us for an interview with Sgt. Dan Morrissey, expert in law enforcement social media evidence, from the County Gang Intelligence Unit at the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. Gain social media insights and best practices from lessons learned in dealing with this critical and ever-growing medium of evidence.

Link Analysis & Social Media Evidence: A New And Powerful Investigation Tactic (40 min)

Join IBM and X1 as we explore X1’s Social Discovery Connector for IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook, providing a simple and automated way to turn social media data into actionable evidence for immediate analysis and graphing.

Attorney’s Affirmative Duty to Address Social Media Evidence (60 min)

Hear from our panel of eDiscovery experts outlining key considerations concerning the legal ethics for social media collections, the law and supporting technology in this area.

Social Media Evidence in Fraud Investigations (60 min)

Hear from attorney John Browning partner at Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard and Smith on cases involving social media evidence, best practices and new methods to address the pervasive nature of social media evidence.