IBM & X1: Link Analysis & Social Media Evidence (40 min)

Social Media evidence is everywhere and extremely relevant to nearly every investigation. IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook users, though, have not been able to quickly and efficiently take advantage of this evidentiary treasure trove. Using slower, manual, "flat file" data ingestion often leads to broken links and over-importation of irrelevant entities and links. The X1 Social Discovery Connector for i2 provides a simple and automated way to import this information directly into Analyst's Notebook for immediate analysis and graphing.

Join IBM and X1 for a complimentary webinar to hear from our esteemed panel of experts on the importance of social media link analysis in the context of investigations.

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Howie Williamson
Howie Williamson
Executive Director of
X1 Social Discovery
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Matt Niessen
Matt Niessen
Technical Sales Lead
Safer Planet Solutions